Welcome to the Avventura Press website

Avventura Press established itself as an independent imprint in 1996. The start of an adventure, as the title translates, the picture of Louis Vanvitelli's 18th-century Caserta aqueduct seemed an appropriate kind of image for it - like water, literature flows and requires a beautiful conduit to bring it to people from distant sources. Begun by Jack Dale, he published three of his books in a period of six years. His aim was to provide an outlet for stories that for various and different reasons would not be catered for by the major publishing houses.  Although Jack continued writing, the financial constraints of independent publishing made it difficult to make his novels available to the public, hence nothing went to press for a few years. Thanks to the possibilities for eBook publications, five novels,  The Test Entire Round and Round the Fire Eternal Riders of the Night A Sense of Existence, and the latest one, A Pair Of Shadows,  are available for the Kindle. For further information about these and other books please click the 'Jack Dale's Books' link.

This Avventura Press Website serves as an outlet for short stories, poems and essays, all of which are intended to stimulate the imaginations and minds of readers. The different sections are listed below, with further information about content once opened. Responses from readers to anything published on this site are welcome. You are welcome to email me by clicking on the button below.